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Other IVC Groups

useful-linksWith nearly 3500 members and 40 Inter Varsity Clubs in our network of groups there’s so much going on! Take a look at what our other clubs are up to

We are part of a network of groups that all have the same objective. To bring people together and have fun…that’s the short of it.

Being a member of our club ensures you can play a full part in all the fun

Association of IVC Groups (AIVC) Manchester IVC
Active Hampshire (Basingstoke) Merseyside IVC
Border & Lakeland IVC Milton Keynes IVC
Brighton & Sussex IVC Newcastle IVC
Simply Social (Bristol & Bath) North Lancashire IVC
Cambridgeshire IVC North Staffordshire IVC
Cardiff IVC Northants IVC
Cheshire & North Wales IVC Norwich & Norfolk IVC
Derby Focus Nottingham IVC
Dundee IVC (CLOSED DOWN) Oxfordshire IVC
Edinburgh IVC Peterborough IVC
Essex IVC Plymouth IVC
Exeter IVC Sheffield IVC
Fylde (Blackpool) IVC (CLOSED DOWN) Solent Socialising
Glasgow IVC Southampton IVC
Gloucestershire IVC Suffolk IVC
Halifax & Huddersfield IVC Swindon IVC
Hertfordshire & Beds IVC Tees Valley IVC
ivcBournemouth Thames Valley IVC
Leeds IVC West Kent IVC
Leicester IVC West Surrey IVC
London IVC York IVC


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