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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the members like?

Birmingham IVC members are all types of people, from all backgrounds and careers, and with all interests. They are discerning individuals who want more out of life than the everyday ‘hum drum’.

2. How old are the members?

All ages from 30s upwards, with the greatest concentration being in their late 40s and older. We have members who joined 20, 30 or even 40 years ago and and liked it so much that they have stayed ever since! With a wide range of activities and a good-sized turnout at each activity, gravitating towards others of similar age range is easy.

3. Is it just for singles?

Most members are single. We also have a number of couples in the club, some of whom are married. Everyone is welcome.

4. Can I join alone?

Yes! Almost all of our members have joined on their own, and without knowing anyone else in the club. A specific person is present at each Club Night just to meet and greet new members. There’s a real sense of community that comes from belonging to Birmingham IVC. Friendships naturally occur from the momentum of the club, and through the interactivity of the events. Our activities feel more like a group of “friends of friends” going out together than it does a disconnected crowd of strangers.

5. What if my diary is unpredictable?

Because of the number of activities we offer, we accommodate even the most erratic of work schedules. Moreover, you never need to know what your diary will be like way ahead of time to sign up and participate.

6. How much does it cost?

Most people pay £20 a year for Ordinary Membership. This is less than 40p a week! Some Members pay an extra £20 a year to get a Printed Bulletin sent to them each month.

7. How do I join?

You can come along to any of our Club Nights to join. We have a Club Night every Wednesday in or around the City Centre and in addition we have Monthly Club Nights in Harborne, Solihull and Sutton Coldfield/Erdington. You can be sure of a warm welcome. Phone or email ahead if you would prefer. See our Joining page for more details Joining.
8. What’s this Trial Period?
Everyone starts with our Prospective Membership which lasts for three whole months with no obligation. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the club and for you to see if the club is what you want.

9. How long do people join for?

The average member stays with us for a few years, some stay for much longer.

10. How many people attend each event?

Certain activities are best with less than 10 people, others are better suited to 20 or more. Most events fall in this range. Club Nights usually attract 30 to 40 members and can get quite packed!

11. How do I know if I’d fit in with the group?

Our club boasts a membership of so many types of people that everyone finds members with whom they connect. Whatever your personality type is, whatever your interests are, you’ll find people like you here. And since you sign up for activities that you are interested in, you are certain to find others at those events with the same interests as you.

12. Is it cliquey?

New members join the club all the time. With well over three hundred members, there’s no ‘in crowd’ and it’s not ‘cliquey’.

13. What if I am shy around strangers?

The acceptance from other members that most new people experience when they become a member of Birmingham IVC is enough to bring even those who consider themselves shy right out of their shell! We’ve watched people go from being reserved to being outgoing and really excited about life, simply because they feel included and comfortable from the first day they join.

14. Will I make friends to socialise with outside of the club?

Friendships that start in Birmingham IVC often do take on a life of their own outside the club. Many people who met through us many years ago are still close friends today.

15. How do I become a Full Member?

Once your Prospective Membership is over we will invite you to apply for Full Membership. This is subject to approval by the Clubs Committee; applications are only very rarely declined. Once you are a Full Member you actually own the Club jointly and equally with all the other Full Members.

16. I can’t get to a Club Night – what should I do?

This is not a problem. If you can’t make it to a Club Night to join then we can make special arrangements for you. You can join by post by downloading this form and sending it to us with your £10 fee. We want you to join so please let us know if there is anything getting in the way and we will do what we can to help.

Please email or call/txt us if you have additional questions and we will be happy to answer them.
07812 097448

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